Frequently Asked Questions


How do you choose your projects?

Sometimes it is just something we need in the shop, house, or yard.  We also build a lot of stuff for family, friends, or our church.  Others project ideas come from questions or suggestions from our YouTube viewers.

Can you build (whatever) for me?

Some woodworkers make a living doing woodworking; unfortunately, we don't.  We concentrate on making content (videos) to help and inspire others to make things.  Doing that keeps us pretty busy, and while we would love to, we honestly just don't have the time to build things to sell to folks.  However, if you have ideas for things we can build, we would love to hear about it.

Who does the voice of Jimmy (and Bert)

Jimmy and Bert use their own voices.  Duh.  What, do you think they are puppets or something?

What are your favorite projects you've done on the channel?

It's hard to choose, but one that stands out in my mind, probably because my dog Stanley sleeps in it every night, is the Shipping Crate Dog Bed.  It turned out so cute and I thought it was pretty unique.  Another one that I am proud of is the Western Style Sign. We did that one for some dear friends of ours, and I see it on my drive home from work every day.

Who are the makers / YouTubers that inspire you?

We really don't watch regular TV anymore.  We watch mostly YouTube and some 

Netflix.  We subscribe to a lot of different YouTubers, since we have a lot of different interests.  

Here's a few we are really enjoying right now: 

 Wranglerstar - Maker, outdoorsman, and man of character.  You WILL learn things watching his videos.  He is awesome! 

Essential Craftsman - Reminds me a lot of my dad.  Also a vast amount of knowledge on building, blacksmithing.

DIS Unplugged - News, reviews, and vlogs about my favorite place in the world, Disney World 

Dave Sundstrom - Talks about music, movies, and shows from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, you know - the good stuff.

Cowboy Kent Rollins - Operates an authentic working for cowboys and showing you how to make the stuff he makes.  Super entertaining even if you don't cook (I don't).

Frank Howarth - He builds such creative and beautiful stuff.  I love watching him work.